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The „II. Phase of Old – Tur Rehabilitation”” (EEA C3-9) project in frame of EGT Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 Adaptation to the climate change program has been implemented from Icelandic, Liechtensteiner and Norwegian supports.
The „II. Phase of Old – Tur rehabilitation” project is tightly fit to the developments have been done in frame of the I. phase at the lower section of Tur. Next to the dredging of the more than 1 km upper section of Old – Tur, a new water level controller sluice, a dam and water level measuring stations have been built, a water level sluice has been renewed, and water level sensing probes have been built into the Petofi and Kovessy Gyozo sluices.
The closing conference has been settled at 27. April 2016., the scene of the event, similarly to the opening conference was in the Luby castle in Nagyar. Mr. Gaspar Bodnar Director opened the event, he highlighted the water management magnitude of the project. After the greetings Dr. Zoltan Erdelyi the deputy director of Regional Environment Protection Centre has greeted the participants of the program, he spoke about their activity which is joining more than 20 countries, and he highlighted the environment protection goals of this project. In his speech he touched upon the episodes of 2013. Duna Flooding, which has endangered their centre in Szentedre. Presentations followed the greetings. Firstly Zsuzsanna Ivanyi the Program Director of Regional Environment Protection Centre held her presentation which has the title „Results of the Adaptation to the Climate Change Program”, with the help of this presentation we have got insight about the projects implemented in frame of the program. Dr. Sandor Nagy Alex associate professor held a report about the ecologic experiences of the Old- Tur rehabilitation. Afterward we could view the picture presentation of Jozsef Gacsalyi field supervisor about the realization of the project, Janos Gulyas deputy head of the section engineering summarized the future development goals along the Old –Tur.  The program has ended with standing reception and informal talking.  
Mateszalka, 9. May 2016.  
                                                      Erika Palyi-Kosztya

                                                        official in charge