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The II. Phase of Old – Tur rehabilitation has been finished 
The Upper-Tisza regional Water Directorate went on with the rehabilitation of Old-Tur which started in 2011. and which for in frame of EGT Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 Adaptation to the climate change program it got 760.424,81 € (85%) from the EEA.
The „II. Phase of Old – Tur rehabilitation” project is tightly fit to the developments have been done in frame of the I. phase at the lower section of Tur. Next to the dredging of the more than 1 km upper section of Old – Tur, a new water level controller sluice, a dam and water level measuring stations have been built, a water level sluice has been renewed, and water level sensing probes have been built into the Petofi and Kovessy Gyozo sluices. The continuation of the rehabilitation was necessary because the characteristics of Tur river basin, the average runoff of the river is dissolving excessively. In summer, in time of drought the system is not capable to suffice the water claims for improving the Old – Tur water household, and the irrigational and ecologic claims according to the influx fillover of Tur river. By the objects come true the region’s water management is going to be improved, the amount of water for irrigation is increased, as well the irrigated areas. The built in objects at the upper section of Old – Tur, are making possible the rising of water levels at time of drought. The dredging of river bed is serving the more safety reduction of inland water, and also the retention of it. The safety against inland water is going to be improved at the area of the involved settlements. There will opportunity for new long range developments, which in accordance of the Water Frame Directives is making possible an effective regional water management.
The objects come true in frame of the project:
•    Building of dam between 52+530 and 58+700 km sections of Old – Tur, (Kolcse, Sonkad).
•    Building of water level controller sluice (Sonkad) at 58+700 km section of Old -Tur (which is equal to the 8+150 km section of Kolcse Tur – Branch).
•    Building of automatic water level measuring stations near to the Kolcse dam. 
•    Building of automatic water level measuring probes at the outer water side of the Nagyar Petofi sluice and Olcsvaapati Kovessy Gyozo sluice.
•    Renewal of the Tur – Erdei dead channel controller sluice at 63+440 km left river bank section of Old – Tur.
•    River bed dredging at the outer areas of Sonkad, Kolcse, Turistvandi and Kisar, totally in 1100 fm length.
More important data of the project:
Project title: II. Rehabilitation of Old – Tur 
Project identification number: EEA-C3-9
Fund handler: Middle- and East European Regional Environment Protection Centre  Project host: Upper-Tisza regional Water Directorate Start of the project: 18. 05. 2015.
End of the project: 30. 04. 2016.
Total cost of the project: 894.617,42 EUR
Amount of EEA support: 760.424,81 EUR (85%)
Constructor: KELETEPVIZ Ltd, and Upper-Tisza regional Water Directorate
The program has been implemented from Icelandic, Liechtensteiner and Norwegian supports.
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