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The Old-Tur is the most significant bi-utilization river of Szatmar. The river bed section before the regulation is good at leading off inner water and with the help of water support object system at the Sonkad section of Tur river, it is an important element of the water balance in the region. For decreasing the expected effects of climatic change it was necessary to transform our extant water systems. This progress, in case of the Old-Tur has been started in 2011. with the construction works of I. phase of rehabilitation, and then it has been continued with II. phase in 2015-2016. By the implementation of II. phase, the system became capable to improve the water balance of Old-Tur at summer, in time of water short periods, moreover the national touristic and ecologic needs came up according to the comb of Tur river conflux. The essence of Old-Tur rehabilitation is, that we increased the water levels with 90 cm at the place of damming, with the help of renewing the  one existing object, building new objects, and modifying the actual operation order. As the effect of these works the charged runoff is going to flow down at higher level. By these the realization of this project has serious water management and ecologic value, next to the better protection against inner waters. The EGT Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 „Adapting to the climatic change” program gave the opportunity to reach our goals. After budget restructuring and sending the updated documents of „Old-Tur rehabilitation II. phase” EEA-C3-9 project, the REC sent a mail about the result of the project which said, that the amount of the subsidy grant is 760.424,81 EUR, and the first day of cost accepting is 18. 05. 2015. The opening conference of the project has been settled in 17. July 2015, at Nagyar. For this event 250-250 pcs Hungarian and English information material has been created from the planned 2000 pcs promotion material, and then further 870 pcs (400 pcs pens, 100 pcs pen drives, 160 pcs t-shirts, 210 pcs bags). At the beginning of the construction works 1 pc billboard has been placed. In frame of the project further events have been settled. The workshop has been settled at 10. February in Fehergyarmat, and then at 27 April Nagyar gave home to the project closing event. For the closing event 420 pcs promotion materials and 210 pcs cd have been created, with these the planned 2000 pcs promotion materials have been realized. In frame of the project a homepage has been done with the name of, on this page information about the project, articles, photos and a press release can be found. After the project realization a reminder board has been placed out. In frame of the project has been a tool procurement, we purchased all the planned 11 pcs tools with insurance. In frame of the project on 7 scenes happened interposition:
In frame of the project the following construction works have been done:
- Building of dam between 52+500 and 58+700 km sections of Old – Tur, (Kolcse, Sonkad).
- Building of water level controller sluice (Sonkad) at 58+700 km section of Old -Tur (which is equal to the 8+150 km section of Kolcse Tur – Branch).
- Building of automatic water level measuring stations near to the Kolcse dam (Old-Tur 52+500 km section).
- Building of automatic water level measuring probes at the outer water side of the Nagyar Petofi sluice and Olcsvaapati Kovessy Gyozo sluice.
- Renewal of the Tur – Erdei dead channel controller sluice at 63+440 km left river bank section of Old – Tur.
- River bed dredging at the outer areas of Sonkad, Kolcse, Turistvandi and Kisar, totally in 1100 fm length.
The speciality of this project is, that our Directorate leaned on its own sources and has made the total construction works at three building area, while at two scenes we made the preparative and finisher works as own implementation. The realization of the project was running on two lines. The first line went with the participation of a contractor chosen by public procurement procedure, and the other line went in the directorate’s own construction. In frame of the public procurement procedure, the KELETEPVIZ Ltd. has been chosen for the river bed dredging, and building of objects. The contract has been signed at 14 September 2015, and in 16. September the workspace handover has happened. The construction works has started in September after the licensee plans came force in law, namely after 1. July 2015, and following the end of public procurement procedure, considering the regional utilisation of Old-Tur. Our own works started together at three scenes in one time. The directorate made in frame of own construction the connection of Olcsvaapati Kovessy Gyozo sluice, and Nagyar Petofi sluice outside water interval, into the automatic remote system of the directorate. The monitoring system after the proper calibrations has been integrated into the automatic remote system of the directorate. The building of water level measuring station of Kolcse dam, has started after the new object has been done and before the end of this project has been finished in 100 %, the monitoring system after the proper calibrations has been integrated into the automatic remote system of the directorate. The third construction site was the reconstruction of Tur – Erdei sluice, which has been reported as done after the water sealing test. The KELETEPVIZ Ltd. contractor has started its work at the most significant scene of the project, in the area of Sonkad. From the barrage objects the construction of Kolcse Turag sluice was tightly related to the building of Sonkad dam. After kept the necessary technologic time the sluice has been assembled from the CSOMIEP prefab elements. We accomplished the mounting of canal lift gear, the digging, the configuration of pre and post bed, and the construction of additional objects (Ferro concrete hand rail, water gauge, grass gappy coating). The technical reception of the objects has been held at 28. April 2015. 
We had to harmonize the construction works, because the water supply of Old-Tur had to be fluent, so according to this firstly the assembling of the small sluice has happened, and with the help of that the runoff of Tur was detoured to the object, so the workspace of the object making the water level increase has been closed out from the water transport.
The 1100 meter length river bed dredging was an important part of this project. The mud mining has been done in a unique way, by a rotary excavator with a special bog-crossing mounts. By using this excavator the involvement of natural environment was minimal, because the works have been done going in the river bed. The starting date of planned dredging work at Turistvandi area was shifted to December 2015., because we got the reconstruction permission necessary on nature protection area at 12. December 2015. from the Environ and Nature Protection Expert Department of Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg County Government Office. Until the end of January 2016. we implemented all the planned 1100 meter dredging. Parallel with the construction works, also the ecological surveys have been done. At the effected 8 scenes we made measurements weekly with the purchased mobile lab, which have been used for the creation of I. and II. sub report of Ecologic Effect Study and for the Ecologic closing report. The creation of this study was important, because we got information about the present state of the river, and it has been a comparison base for the changes after the implementation of the I. phase. The Debrecen University has written the Ecologic Effect study.
The reconstruction works went as it was preliminary expected, there was no change from the original scheduling. We did not ask for changes according to the project budget neither. The only danger was caused by the mutable weather, but by selecting a good constructor and with the using of prefab elements there was no delay at the project implementation progress.

  17.07.2015. Opening Event

                                                    Opening Conference Lecture

                                                   17.08.2015. Conclusion of the Grant Contract

                                                   26.08.2015  Project Progress Report Training




  10.02.2016.    Workshop

                                                    Workshop Lecture




  27.04.2016.Final Event

                                                   Old-Tur II. final project schedule

                                                   Old-Tur II. - Possibilities for development




                                                   Environmental impact studies

                                                        1. progress report

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                                                        Final report

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